Brian’s Last Weekend Buck – By Brian Gortsema

After several years of hunting a the same area I decided to try my luck in a different spot this year, if I get a tag for that unit.  After applying I waited patiently for the results to come, and wouldn’t you know I was lucky enough to get a tag!! So some planning began,, I knew this area pretty well so I had a good idea of what to expect.
Hunting season rolls around and my son wanted to go elk hunting so the first two weeks of the season was spent elk hunting.  Around the last part of October I got a chance to go do some glassing for a deer. So I loaded up and down the river I went, stopped at a spot we spotted a decent buck a couple years ago and started glassing around spotting several deer but just small bucks. Went down river a little more to check another spot but wasn’t any to be seen so I headed home and called it a day.
The last weekend of the month I got my brother in law to tag along to help with some glassing.  Saw a couple decent bucks but passed knowing I had a couple days left. We stopped and was watching a little buck for awhile when something from below him caught my eye, it was another deer I told my brother in law to look at that deer and that’s when he turned and the race was on!  We got our stuff together and headed up after him.  It took a while to catch up to him, but he was more interested in does than us.  I finally found a good rest, and lets just say a few shots later I finally got the buck I have been hunting for!!  He was everything I thought he was and even better! I couldn’t believe I finally got my trophy!

178 (2)

 After several pictures we took care of him and headed down to the boat.  It was one of the best days hunting I have ever had, and I was happy to share it with my wife, son and the help of my brother in law!  A day to remember!!

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