Blacks Creek Guide Gear Remedy 7 Alternative Pack Review

One of the highlights of the 2013 hunting season for me wasn’t necessarily the tags placed on big game, which was great, but rather the new pack that I had the pleasure of using that season! I was fortunate enough to pick up the Remedy 7 (R7) Alternative pack to start my year off right! I have used several packs over the years and have liked most of them; however, the one thing I would complain about all of them was the fact that I had to take two packs with me on every hunting trip. One for packing around my gear and one for hauling out meat, if I was on foot, I hated that because that generally meant hiking back down off the mountain to grab the frame pack after putting an animal on the ground. Well, the R7 Alternative was a game changer this year! Equipped with the Grip Frame, the Alternative is the all-in-one solution to my plight of taking two packs with me on hunting trips!

When I first saw the Grip Frame I was impressed, to say the least! At first glance I didn’t even notice the ingenious feature, but once I was shown how it worked I was stoked to get out there and use it! With 3,000 cubic inches of space to put all my gear, I loaded it up and I was ready to go! To add to the great features like the Grip Frame, I immediately noticed how comfortable the Alternative was when loaded down with my gear. The six compression straps made it easy to fit the pack snug to my back and adjust to my comfort level. I tend to carry a lot of weight in my pack because I like to go prepared. So when I went on my first hunting trip of the season at the end of August I was loaded down with camping and hunting gear. No matter what pack you have weight is weight and it will wear on the legs, but with the Alternative I noticed a significant difference in comfort compared to previous packs I had. After putting on roughly 20 miles our first trip in I was completely sold on the R7 line of packs!

IMG_1399 DSCN0935

Later in the season I was able to put the Grip Frame to use on a buddy’s bull by helping him pack out his cape and some meat. The Grip Frame worked like a charm! I love the way the main compartment zips off the Grip Frame and how easily it clips back on once the frame is loaded. In the future if I decide I need more cubic inches for more gear I can easily upgrade to the Solution pack by just buying the main compartment and zip it right to the Grip Frame!IMG_1368

The Grip Frame, compression straps, pockets, comfort, and high quality material are just some of the selling points of this pack. Versatility is what it’s all about and with the R7 line that’s what you get! I recommend every hunter out there try one of Blacks Creek Remedy 7 packs. You won’t be disappointed! To top it all off, all the Blacks Creek packs are made right here in the USA!



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